Makeup In The Digital World - Guest Blog

Makeup In The Digital World - Guest Blog

We live in a very digital world where our image is captured as we move around either by choice or circumstance.  Between the selfie for social media, the corporate headshot, or even the dreaded zoom meeting, looking your best at a moment's notice is something we are rapidly getting to grips with. 

Our morning routine as men is changing to meet these digital needs both professionally and personally, with the stigma of having a shelf full of products no longer being quite the same, it is just another aspect of what we do to face the day.  From the simple to the more complex, face wash and moisturiser are now seen as essentials that go from the bathroom to the gym and onto the office in our work bag with a discreet concealer kit for those emergencies (dark circles under the eyes) as we head into that early meeting and need to look as alert as possible. 

In an ever expanding and globalised working world, it does not matter if you work in a local shop or even the boardroom of a multinational we need to be at our best at all times which adds to the day to day pressure of life, making the details such as our skincare routine can become part of if if not the centre of the male routine.  It gives you a chance to showcase yourself at your best and take time for self care, an often overlooked aspect of a man's life. 

No longer the preserve of models, actors or the metropolitan elite, skincare and grooming is available to all and has lost much of its taboo which has opened up the door to self care for men without losing their masculinity, feeling good is a right for men too and we can embrace it openly from the bathroom to the boardroom it is easy to integrate into your routine something that gives you confidence. 

Embracing the digital has opened up the doors to so much more than just the selfie, it lets the world see you in full HD so taking that little time to ensure you look your best and let's be honest, give yourself that competitive edge, we all want to look as good as possible and impress the boss and get that promotion. 

 Sons of Adonis  was created for this exact reason, understanding the confidence that something as simple as concealer can offer and there skincare options keep the whole package simple and easy to work with, offering you a brand that was founded by a man for men's needs. 

James Clark - Professional Makeup Artist