Makeup for Men: A professional perspective

Makeup for Men: A professional perspective

Men and makeup can be a difficult and somewhat controversial topic to discuss for some. As a professional makeup artist working in the industry for over 20 years, applying makeup to men for professional shoots goes without any attention or discussion.

Makeup can be used in the film and TV industry where a quick makeup makeover is a common practice for presenters and actors but is rarely discussed to any degree. Equally, makeup can also be used in the everyday setting; perhaps as an extra confidence boost before an important presentation at work or for various social events. However, makeup for men as used in the everyday setting is sometimes treated as a secret rather than accepting that makeup can also be used as a part of your daily routine.

In the film and TV industry makeup application is often used for the purpose of giving assurance that the man on screen looks well rested, which is how it should be treated in the real world.  Each day our favourite presenters and actors sit in the chair and are made up to meet the needs of the camera. In a similar way, so many of us now walk around with an HD camera in our pockets using both videos and stills for self-promotion or simply just to capture a moment. With this in mind, it is no surprise that Sons of Adonis has become something of a go-to for many who want the extra confidence of knowing that their dark circles and blemishes are covered. Their concealer is a very useful addition to any work bag or even pocket for occasions where a quick touch up is needed.

Any professional artist will tell you that concealer is a fixer product that can change your outlook on makeup for the better when you see the difference it makes and how discreetly it can be done.

There is a simple test I often recommend to my male clients be they actors or models, floor staff or managing directors, I ask them to apply concealer to one side of their face (usually under the eye) , blend it in using either a brush or their ring finger, and then look in the mirror.  The difference can be astounding and shows them what a difference a small addition to their routine can be. 

Sons of Adonis is a makeup company, producing professional grade makeup that uniquely serves both the professional makeup sector and the everyday person in need of an extra touch up. Developed specifically to suit men's needs, Sons of Adonis is my choice for a concealer personally and professionally for this exact reason. I am frequently photographed backstage or on-set and looking tired just doesn’t cut it anymore. 

Wearing concealer for men is about enhancement; it adds confidence and doesn’t need to be dramatic. If Tom Hardy can do it and carry it off without a second thought and still be considered a sex symbol, then there is no barrier to anyone.

James Clark - Professional Makeup Artist 

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