Grooming for the Corporate World - Guest Blog

Grooming for the Corporate World - Guest Blog

I wanted to expand on my thoughts in the previous guest blog on corporate imaging and of course zoom calls for work, tackling the makeup and skincare element of this and showing how a simple routine can make the difference between tired and drawn and dynamic and promotable.

Corporate imaging has become increasingly common as people want to attract custom via their websites and social media, this can be seen from local bakers to multinational corporations such as supermarkets and of course banks. 

What they want us to see is friendly staff who are welcoming and eager to help the customers, so what this means is much the same as my thoughts on images of us in the day to day world, we are expected to present our best selves to the world and in the corporate realm that mean the difference between a promotion or staying where you are because image matters just as much as talent in this visually oriented world.

Sons of Adonis address this in what is the simplest way possible with its 3 step process designed to meet the needs of the working man and shows that grooming and presentation don’t need to be difficult to achieve.

Mens grooming has become a massive market and tackles some of the most unspoken elements of our lives, tired eyes and dull skin can make you look less than yourself and if your in an important zoom/conference call or even in person meeting that little extra edge of confidence that concealer can give is a deal breaker sometimes.

When it comes to getting ready I always say it's best to stay simple, a good face wash, moisturiser and then a touch of concealer where you need it. *I find around the eyes and occasionally a razor burn needs to be disguised and that's sufficient to make you camera ready in most situations.

In the world we live in quick fixes and easy solutions are always something we seek and that is why I always recommend a 3 step process:

Face wash.


Conceal where you need it.

Simple, quick and easy enough that you can discreetly work it into your daily routine without losing time and will ultimately feel more confident. 

James Clark - Professional Makeup Artist