The Do's And Don'ts of Mens Makeup Application

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An increasing number of men are discovering the benefits of using makeup to enhance their appearance, conceal imperfections, and express their personality.

Whether you want to look your best for an important presentation at work, feel more confident for a date, or express your creativity on a night out, makeup can help you achieve your desired look.

Follow our simple Dos and Don’ts guide to use makeup with confidence and maximize results.

Do: Select products that match your skin tone

One of the first steps in makeup application is choosing the right shade for your skin tone. Your skin tone is the colour of your skin at the surface which can be divided into three main colour categories; dark, medium and light. If you want to know your true skin tone colour, we recommend taking a look at your jawline. This area of skin tends to be of consistent colour and more resistant to colour changes compared to other areas of the body.

Do: Choose products that suit your skin type

Higher levels of testosterone in men can result in oilier skin compared to women. This means you may want to use makeup that is non-greasy and gives a matte finish. If you have dry skin, you should choose makeup with hydrating properties or use a moisturiser prior to makeup application.

Do: Use the right tools and techniques

Using the right tools and techniques can make a big difference in how your makeup looks and lasts. You want to use tools that are clean, soft, and suitable for the product and area you’re applying it to.

For example, if you’re using a liquid or cream product, such as foundation or concealer, you may want to use a sponge or a brush that can blend the product evenly and smoothly. If you’re using a powder product, such as bronzer or blush, you may want to use a fluffy brush that can distribute the product more lightly.

Do: Experiment and have fun

Makeup is not only a way to improve your appearance but also a way to express yourself. You don’t have to follow any rules or trends when it comes to men’s makeup. You can experiment with different products, colours and styles. You may discover new ways to enhance your features, conceal your flaws, or transform your look.

Don’t: Overdo it

Less is more when it comes to men’s makeup. Try not to apply too much product or too many layers as this can make your face look cakey and unnatural. A good rule of thumb is to start with a small amount of product and build up gradually until you achieve the desired coverage and effect. You can always add more if needed, but it’s harder to take off excess product.

Don’t: Forget to prep your skin

Prepping your skin can help your makeup look better and last longer. This can include cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, priming, and SPF-ing your skin. These steps can help you remove any dirt, oil, dead skin cells, or impurities that can interfere with your makeup application and cause breakouts.

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