Three sons of Adonis makeup concealer glass bottles. Two bottles are standing up with the third lying flat adjacent to the bottles standing up on a reflective black surface. There is also a streak of makeup in front of the three concealer bottles

Liquid Concealer

Conceal undereye dark circles and minor skin imperfections with our non-greasy, moisturising and lightweight formulation that doesn’t cake or flake on the skin. With a silky smooth consistency, our concealer provides excellent coverage with a natural undetectable matte finish.


Volume: 15 ml

Colour descriptions “cool” refer to skin undertones. People with a “cool” undertone should be able to se hints of red, pink or blue within their skin complexion. Send us a message if you need help choosing the right shade for you.

Follow our three easy steps to get the best results.

  1. Start with a washed and moisturised face.
  2. Apply a quarter pea sized amount of concealer onto a clean fingertip (less is more) and gently dab around the undereye area.
  3. Blend the concealer completely into the skin using a fingertip or a concealer brush.
Two Sons of Adonis X James Clark collaboration concealer makeup brushes lying side by side on a black surface

Limited Edition Concealer Brush

In collaboration with international acclaimed makeup artist James Clark we are proud to present our stylishly designed limited edition concealer brush. James has worked on commercials in India and has credits for the BBC, Nepal film productions and the House of iKons. 


A concealer brush is an excellent tool for providing maximum control and precision in hard to reach areas when applying makeup. It’s also more hygienic when compared to using a fingertip and you won’t have to worry about fingerprint marks.

  1. Apply a very small amount of product onto the brush tip.
  2. Lightly press the product onto the undereye area
  3. Using the concealer brush, gently blend the product completely into the skin using light touches
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