Shakti Sood – Founder of Sons of Adonis
Meet our founder - Shakti Sood

The Origin Story

A trip to the doctors revealed a diagnosis of an allergic reaction, although the cause of which was unknown. I was told it would go away on its own; however my expectations of the swelling returning to normal within days didn’t match reality. Days became weeks and weeks became months. 

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During this period, I was bombarded with comments from people I interact with daily, telling me that I looked tired and confidently pointing out the obvious bags under my eyes. In doing so, my own confidence was gradually fading and my self-consciousness was gradually growing.

It was this feeling of raw vulnerability that led to the idea of using makeup to cover up my noticeable undereye bags. Shortly afterwards, Sons Of Adonis was born. 

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to help men look and feel more confident by normalising makeup for men. We provide unrivalled product performance and quality through a deep understanding of the specific needs of men. 

There are fundamental differences between the skin of males and females. This is in part due to biological hormonal differences, whereby the increased testosterone in men causes increased sebum production making the skin significantly oilier than that of a female. In addition to this, the frequent shaving by men can lead to increased sensitivity and irritation.  

We also understand that discretion is key. Makeup that is shiny in appearance and begins to cake on the skin only draws attention to the fact the individual is using makeup.

Therefore, the formula we have designed and perfected over a number of years is non-oily, moisturising, non-irritating and non-caking. 


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